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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Gearing up for my trip

As most all of you know, I will be traveling tomorrow (Thursday, January 4) to Ecuador for a month to take classes and learn about the culture and practice my Spanish! I'm pretty sure I'll be able to access the internet once there and at school, so I'm going to write about what's going on with me on here, and on facebook. Feel free to stop in and see what I'm up to!
(This is a picture of Cuenca. It's a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so it should be pretty cool!)

Right now, I'm asking for prayers from y'all! Many of you have asked how to pray for me while I'm gone, so here are a couple of things:

1-Pray for safe travels. I fly Thursday from Knoxville-Atlanta-Quito, Ecuador. On Friday, I get on a flight to Cuenca, Ecuador, where I will be staying for a month. Once there, continue praying for my safety!
2-Pray that I make all the flights I need to (I'm flying standby the whole way) and it could screw things up if I don't make a flight!
3-Pray for a friend for me. I am worried about not having anyone who I can hang out with while there. Preferably, pray for a Christian around my age who doesn't speak English, so I can't cheat with them :)
4-Pray for my health. Two big concerns are altitude sickness (7,000 ft. above sea level) and general stomach concerns, from new water and foods....

Thank you friends, and I will be sure to keep you all posted! Love-Lauren

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