Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas parties galore!

It's been a great weekend and last few days. Being that I am so blessed with friends, I have had lots of activities, aka Christmas parties!

Friday night kicked off party weekend with dessert with the girls at Mimi's Cafe for my birthday. It was a good time to sit and catch up and chill with everyone. I ate bread pudding...yummy. Saturday began the true Christmas celebrations, with Cookie Day and the Bayleaf Christmas party. Sunday was church, lunch at Chili's (some guy gave me my favorite dessert for free! Oh, it was the waiter :) then to the park with Ben and back to church for Yo! Christmas Tree and small group Christmas. We did a White Elephant exchange, and I ended up with the marvelous gift of a Ms. Pac Man game set...Thank you, Adam. I also received a new fondue set from Adam and Shonica to aid in my party-throwing!

We also did a Tacky Christmas Sweater party on Monday, which was a lot of fun. Bryan told me he spent about 3 hours making his sweater (for another party, not this one) and after seeing his sweater, it paid off! It was great, with lit-up snowflakes and a candy-cane filled stocking.

Finally, in the recitation of the parties, we had the office party last night. What a good time. Our "family portrait" gifts went over so well; everyone loved them! I did a puzzle, there was also a mug, a decorative plate and a mousepad, all of which were very popular.

All in all, a wonderful few days, despite feeling a little under the weather...

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