Sunday, December 23, 2007

Home for the holidays

There is something so special and sweet about being home with family at Christmastime. I don't think there will ever be any place so comforting and calming as being home, with my house decorated for Christmas, the fridge full of tasty food, the lights off except for those on the Christmas tree and on the mantle and my family and pets around.

Lucky and Rudy Poody (my parents' dog and cat) are fat and fluffy this time of the year. Neither one of them really welcomes Ben into the house...they're old and set in their ways I guess :) Last night, Lucky stole Ben's bone and started chomping on it. Ben tried to take it back and got growled at, so he stopped and looked at me, confused. Then, the cat started hissing at him and making this eerie high-pitched meow, which is basically his "Come and get it, dog. I'll take your eye out," sound. It's never good to hear that. So anyways, Lucky is growling at Ben, Rudy is hissing at him, and Ben is stuck in the middle, looking very shame-faced and scared about his situation. Ah, it made me laugh.

Church this morning was good too. It's interesting to come home to my church, and see how things have changed, and to compare it to what I have gotten used to now at Bayleaf. In a lot of ways, they're very similar, but there are some differences too. We now have a women pastor on staff; she doesn't preach, but she led the congregation in prayer. I haven't studied that topic enough, but I know it seems weird after getting used to being taught by men....Anyways, I ought to look into that so I can make intelligent comments on it, rather than just rambling!

Hope my faithful readers are having a wonderful Christmas Eve eve!

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