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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Attention: Blog stalkers

I know you're out there, reading my blog and never commenting. For shame.

Here's to you, people-who-keep-up-with-my-life's-happenings-via-my-blog-but-always-fail-to-leave-a-comment. Here's your chance to shine, and it will be oh-so-easy and painless. All you have to do is hit "Comments," type something witty, sarcastic or the like and tell me who you are! I want to know; really. And, if you don't have a Blogger/Google ID, that is FINE! You can just type your name in, no registration required.

Even if this is your first visit, I'm sure you'll be back, so go ahead and comment. Thank you kindly.


kb said...

Me, me! I now love to stalk Lauren Crane through her blog posts and Facebook pictures. Miss you lots. It's been *forever.* ~Kathy

kristin said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!! Leaving a comment too! you rock!

boffthewall said...

Lauren!! I promise i'm not a stalker, just a faithful reader..hehe. I was going to comment on the Purse-onality post, but then i forgot. Funny thing is the day before, i went to a dinner and part of it was about JUST THAT!! So when i came here and saw you had written about it, i laughed and then had to eat dinner...then didn't come back. Anyways, love your blog! Love keeping up with my Zeta's! Now you can stalk my blog too ok, trade for trade. :-) - Brooke Oftedahl

Brian said...

RE: Stalker Ski Mask Picture

Lauren, I don't know how many times I asked you to quit releasing private family photos but this has to stop!! Now when we get to baby pictures, I have a few naked ones of you that should spice up your website. Booyah!