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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Closed door/Opened door

I get so tired of feeling this way.

Why do I struggle with this sense of sorrow on a regular basis? Why do these feelings always make me mad at myself?

I know there must be a reason behind it all, but I can't see why right now. I try to make my heart like the Lord's, desiring the things He does, yet I continue to struggle.

Why do these feelings plague me, year after year?

I'm walkin' through trees where the path has been worn
Where hearts have been ripped out trampled and torn
And I'm sorry - I'm sorry once again

A hopeless romantic but nothing feels right
A ship full of lovers that sails out of sight
I wait for the answers to fall from the sky - to fall from the sky
A perfect beginning but why does it end
And when will I learn to let someone in
I wait for the answers to fall from the sky

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