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Saturday, April 12, 2008

My alarm clock

Mornings have never really been my thing. I love lazily stretching and rolling out of bed whenever I choose to do so. Real life doesn't function that way though, I know. Hence, I have an alarm clock I use all the time, though it works only marginally now. I have since begun setting my phone alarm clock, and when I'm really desperate, the alarm clock on my iHome in the bathroom.

The most effective thing at waking me up though is the darling face you see here: my dog Ben. Nothing like a warm tongue licking your arms when they emerge from the covers to jolt you awake. If that doesn't work, he also enjoys pouncing on me, or squirming underneath my bed, getting stuck and growling at me to get him out. If none of that is effective, he paces and whines, making me think he has to go out and pee RIGHT NOW or he'll make me regret laying in bed for so long.

Anyways, just thought I'd share the sight of what I see nearly every morning. (He's gotten the hang of sleeping in on weekends, which is good.) He makes me mad sometimes, but he's so darn cute. Who couldn't love that goofy face?

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kb said...

He's really cute. Though we love our apartment, Adam and I briefly talked about moving somewhere else so that we would have enough yard for a dog. Then we decided that that was perhaps a little silly, though my college roommate is moving off-campus next year (she's in grad school), so she can have a cat.