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Friday, April 11, 2008

Funny Friday office conversation

If you haven't figured it out by now, my office is pretty fun. We play games, jokes on each other (really, they are mostly all on me) and have random conversations. We had one such conversation today that I'd like to share, just for giggles.

My friend Amanda and I love the Faithful Men, a men's ensemble here at SEBTS. We really do. We get excited when you all sing (great voices!) and when new people join the group. In light of this fact, I asked the boss if I could do an article about them. From there, it snowballed into a conversation about creating a reality show with them....It went something like this.

Boss: Wouldn't it be funny if we put the Faithful Men all in the Manor House together and taped it? (laughter). That would be so good. Can't you just see all the Faithful Men living together in one house? It would be the hit new MTV reality show!
Sarcastic Co-worker: It would be even better if it was a reality show about The Making of the Faithful Women!
Me: Yeah, Bachelorette: SEBTS style. I volunteer. (Hey! I like a man who can sing or is otherwise musically inclined. So sue me.)
Sweet Allison: Some of them are married.
Me: They're kicked out. Time to recruit some new Faithful Men.
Boss: What about if we did it at Mag Hill (the President's house)?
Me: Oooh! We could make it into Southern Baptist Cribs.
Sarcastic Co-Worker: How about we pimp it out instead, while no one is there?
Boss: Pimp my President's House. I like that name. Or we could pimp his office.
Sarcastic Co-Worker #2: Hahaha. We could pimp Dr. A's ride! (more laughter)
Boss: Can't you just see the Cadillac with a new paint job?
Sarcastic Co-Worker: It has to be purple.
Sweet Allison: Oh my goodness.
Sarcastic Co-Worker #2: And we can airbrush the shield on the hood of the car! (laughter)
Boss: There definitely has to be wings and flames too...That would be sweet.

More was said, but you get the idea. Somehow, Janice Dickinson was nominated to be on one of the shows. Her role? I'm not sure. Regardless, I really think we've got the makings of some great, new, hit TV shows here....Stay tuned to find out dates for the premiers.

P.S. The topic of Southeastern Cribs just got brought up again.....creative minds at work, I tell ya!


Tony and Joy Rancatore said...

Ok. That's it! I officially miss the office!!! I demand my job back!
Just kidding--but seriously, we should start a whole Southeastern channel. We'd have to put a tower on top of Binkley alongside the steeple so all us poor seminarians can pull it in with our rabbit ears and aluminum foil!
Oh, and as for pimping Dr. A's ride--one question--did the Joker have a vehicle? If so, that's what A's ride should resemble!!

Amanda said...

YES! I got a shout-out on the blog!! That's so exciting. My vote for the tv shows is SEBTS Cribs and have DA give a tour of his house and make up some ridiculous gangster sayings for him. haha. And then the same for Dr. Mosley. I always did enjoy a good episode of MTV cribs. If it still came on I'd probably watch it.