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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fabulous Fotos (with an F, because I like words to match)

Just wanted to put up a few photos of the trip to Union. See my last post for other thoughts and details on it.

The Miller Bell Tower on campus. The right side was left damaged, showing the time the tornado swept through and hit campus.

The crew from SEBTS. Sorry it's so bright!

See where the sidewalk ends and that plastic fence begins?
That's where I lived this time last year.

New dorm going up super-quick

Me and some of my lovely sorority sisters, rooting for Zeta at V-Show

My little duck family! Alison (grand-little) and Jessica (great-grand-little)

Me and Rose --> love her.

Love this one too: Stefie, after dancing (and winning!) with a broken toe

It was so good to see Merry! We missed our other two roomies though!

This is how I learned to break into a car with a wire coat hanger. Thanks for the lesson, Mer!

Yay! She did it! Now she can get into her car.

Ummm.....I guess I was frustrated I couldn't get the coat hanger OUT of the door. Not sure why else my face would look like this.

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