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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I am a dreamer!

Blame it on the weather (rainy, dreary, & chilly), but my head and heart have run away with me the last few days. It has made me feel both domestic and restless.

Being here in NC is great, but I long for the day when some of the things I know the Lord has called me to come to fruition. Currently, I am so excited for the day (in the future) when I:
1) Get an assignment from the IMB to serve overseas somewhere.
2) Can adopt babies from another country.

Obviously, those things are a ways off, but I think both things are evidence of the fact that I LOVE this beautiful world we live in, and have a passion to see the heartbeat of the nations beat in tune with Christ.

I am so excited for the day when I get to experience it even more. The Lord has blessed me (so so so far) above what I deserve by allowing me to travel around the world, on mission trips, vacations and "study" trips. When I actually live overseas and get to adopt babies from other countries, I will be unbelievably grateful for the opportunities the Lord has blessed me with (I am grateful already, don't get me wrong!!).

Oh, to be so loved and beloved by the King of this world to be able to join Him in reaching every tongue, tribe and nation with the story of his incredibly love for us. To be able to extend that love in a very tangible way to children who were not born into the "lap of luxury" that I, as an American, was born into. I can think of no greater callings than to serve the Lord with my life and career, and to serve my family, whenever God sees fit to bless me with one.

My heart beats in anticipation of my future. Praise God for His calling on my life! I am humbled that he has given me such a clear sense of direction, and honored that I can serve the Kingdom!

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