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Monday, April 14, 2008

Deep Thoughts from D

Today has been a weird day, which seems only fitting since this time last week I was feeling out for sorts and funky too. Maybe it's a Monday thing? I have been letting little things get to me, when they really shouldn't.

So tonight, I am driving home from a banquet I had to be at for work, and I was flipping through the radio stations, when I heard one of my "favorite philosophers:" Delilah.

She said something to the effect of, "Are you hosting your own personal pity party and feeling blue about your life? If you can hear me, if you're driving a car, if you can breathe, you ought to be thankful. We live in a country that doesn't shove a dogma or religion down our throats and where we have the ability to pursue our dreams. For all of those things, be thankful."

So, thanks D for your deep thoughts. I know I shouldn't take love advice from a women thrice divorced, but I thought this advice on happiness was worth listening to and noting.
In the vein of being thankful despite feeling snarky about things:

I am thankful for my job, which enables me to sit down with great men and women of God and hear their hearts. In the last week or so, I have interviewed both Dr. Akin and Richard and Gina Headrick, who are donors and big supporters of the school. Both were really neat opportunities, and I am so thankful for the chance to have sat down with all of them, been infused with their passion for the Great Commission, hear about how people can help and hear stockpiles of stories. So, for that, I am thankful.

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Gross, Delilah makes me want to be sick. Mainly because she'll play songs that have absolutely nothing to do with what the person is calling about. And example would be if someone called in about seperating from their husband, boyfriend, baby's daddy whatever then she'd play a song totally off the wall.

And, I'm jealous that you got to sit down with my boy DA! Man, I would've brought a diet coke and we could have chilled.

I will say that I've responded to so many of your blogs perhaps I should write my own. I feel like I am basically "blogging" (is that how you refer to it?) in reponse to yours. haha. At least it gives you something to do at work.